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Our Story

All of the senior team at Henwick Park have a wealth of experience in the distribution of investment products, both in the UK and internationally.

It is this wealth of experience and the appreciation of the need for investment houses for effective distribution that led to the founding of Henwick Park in 2013.

Originally set up as a fund distribution company, Henwick Park has developed to offer much more than that. It is our deep understanding of the investment markets that has led us to become an invaluable partner for our clients today.

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The Henwick Park Difference

Henwick Park stands out from any other fund distributor in the market in three very distinct ways.


Fit for Market

We want our clients to succeed. That is why we invest the time at the outset to understand, and where necessary, develop the proposition of our clients. It is only when we regard them as fit for market that we will then start to promote them.


Up to Date and Relevant Contacts

We don’t want to waste your time or ours. That is why we are rigorous in keeping our contact base up to date. Our whole database runs to over 11,000 advisory firms,  which includes hundreds that are long-standing personal contacts, built up over many years.


Building Long Term Relationships

We want our clients to build their own long-term relationships with our contacts.

Unlike others, we don’t want to control these relationships. They are yours to develop and use. We believe that this makes us uniquely different.


The Senior Team

Peter Winders of Henwick Park

Peter Winders

Peter has spent his entire career in the investment and fund management industry,

This has spanned business development, marketing and senior management. This included growing funds for EEA from £15m to over £1bn in 4 years.

Peter said:

"This is an industry that I love, and I get a real buzz out of helping high-quality companies get the success and recognition they deserve"

Andy Wills of Henwick Park

Andy Wills

Andy has had a highly successful career in business development in the financial services world. This has spanned both the UK and international markets, providing a valuable offshore experience for the clients of Henwick.

Andy said:

"We are ideally positioned, with our team, experience, and contacts, to help companies that are keen to evolve and grow."

Mike Owen of Henwick Park

Mike Owen

Mike has spent 40 years in the financial services industry as an IFA and in wealth management.

In the 80s and 90s, Mike formed a trade association for IFAs and became Chairman, as well as creating and heading up a successful service company for IFAs. Over the years he has developed many contacts and business relationships.

Andy Wills said:

"Mike brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to Henwick Park and an extensive number of contacts."

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